Element EA101EQ-G Firmware

EA101EQ-G Latest Firmware (Contains all previous changes) Ver. v2.1.7 / v1.0.19 
* Resolves an issue when adjusting Bass/Treble causing unwanted noise from the amplifier.

EA101EQ-G Latest Firmware (Contains all previous changes) Ver. v2.1.5 / v1.0.19
* Improved user experience for Bluetooth Audio Pairing via the App
* Resolved display auto-off issue when Dolby Digital Content is being played.
* Resolves Dolby Digital DSP Reset

Ver. v2.1.2 / v1.0.19 Change Log
* Resolves Bass & Treble Issue
* Keeps Asynchronous USB Port discoverable when power is off

Firmware Update Video

Element EA101EQ-G USB Windows Drivers

EA101EQ-G Asynchronous USB Drivers for Windows

1. Click on the EA101EQ-G Link above and download the USB Driver Folder to the desktop and Unzip
2. Open up the USB ELAC Driver folder
3. Click and open the version of Windows you are using
4. RIGHT Click on CMOPEN (All caps version) and Choose Install – Follow the on-screen instructions
5. Connect the USB cable from your computer to the USB-B input on the Element Amplifier
6. If necessary select the ELAC USB 2.0 High-Speed True HD Audio Device from your favorite playback software

Audio Alchemy DDP-1 Firmware Update

For DDP-1, go to this link and download all the files into the same directory…

DDP-1 Windows Update Files

DDP-1 Mac Update Files

The BAT files are automated updaters running under DOS for a PC to install the latest microcontroller code (which you did) and the latest DSP code.  The “C” and “D” designations refer to which DDP-1 main board version you are updating.  It prompts you as to which to use based upon the serial number shown on the lCD, not on the printed label.

To use the BAT file, copy everything there into one directory, open a DOS window in the same directory, and execute the BAT file.

Audio Alchemy DDP-1 USB Drivers

USB Audio Drivers for Windows

1. Click on the above link and download the zip file.

2. Launch the setup.exe and follow the on-screen instructions

Audio Alchemy DMP-1 Firmware Update

For DMP-1, use this link to get the files…

DMP-1 Update Files

Open the setup page on DMP-1, click on the button CHOOSE FILE.  Pick the first one on the list.  Press SOFTWARE UPDATE, it will do a little dialog box and click OK when finished.  Choose the next file on the list and do the same thing.  Do all six files.  Then press REBOOT.

It will go through the whole booting process and then you will need to refresh the screen to see SETUP again.