The best choice of cone materials is governed by the intended application. Not all materials are ideal for all applications. The advantage of aluminum for the bass driver is its good balance between performance and cost. It is easily formed, consistent in production and has a good ratio of stiffness to weight. More exotic materials have very little further advantage in this size of bass driver. With the midrange driver, we generally find ourselves working with materials that are not rigid over their operating range. For example in the Debut speaker range, we use Aramid fiber. This gives us the capability of carefully controlling the cone flexing to get the best performance. This difficulty in design is somewhat ameliorated by having a three way speaker, and also now allows us to change to an approach that eliminates flexing within the operating range. Aluminum, as optimized in the Uni-Fi midrange, has its first flexure mode at a high 8kHz which results in excellent performance.