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Discovery Connect High-Res Roon Endpoint – DS-C101W

Discovery makes the connection… with no connection at all!

The Discovery Connect is the perfect companion to an ELAC Discovery Music Server or other Roon-Based music server. The included digital and analog outputs allow for a wide variety of system setups. Built-in Wi-Fi eliminates the need for an Ethernet port near your audio system. Support for Spotify Connect, AirPlay and Bluetooth ensures you will never run out of music options. Embedded AirX2transmitters allow you to eliminate speaker wires when paired with our ELAC Navis powered loudspeakers.

  • - Adds Spotify®, Apple® AirPlay® and Bluetooth® to an existing stereo system
  • - Embedded AirX2 transmitters wirelessly synchronize left and right Navis speakers
  • - Supports streaming via Spotify® Connect, Apple® AirPlay, and Bluetooth®
Connections: Output 1Optical Output x 1 (Up to 96kHz 24-Bit), Coaxial Output x 1 (192kHz 24-Bit)
Connections: Output 2Optical Output x 1 (Up to 96kHz 24-Bit) Coaxial Output x 1 (192kHz 24-Bit), Analog x1 (L/R)
Other ConnectionsEthernet, WiFi, AirX2, Bluetooth
End Point Support (Streaming Support)Discovery (Output 1 & 2), Roon Ready (Output 1 & 2), Spotify Connect (Output 2), AirPlay (Output 2), Bluetooth (Output 2)
DAC (Digital to Analog Converter)192kHz 24-Bit (Output 2)
AirX? Resolution and Channel Support44.1kHz 16-Bit, 3 Channel Support
App SupportiOS and Android
Dimensions / in07.72 x 01.42 x 04.02
Net Weight1.17 Ibs

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