Debut 2.0 Atmos

ELAC Debut 2.0 DA4.2 Atmos Speaker – DA42

Dolby Atmos technology expands the sonic landscape, creating a true 3-D space that you’ve got to hear to believe. With Dolby Atmos-enabled AV receivers and processors, simply add the Debut A4.2 to the top of your bookshelf or floorstanding speakers to achieve dimensionality that puts you in the middle of the music and the action.

Concentrically Mounted Tweeter

The DA42 incorporates a custom designed ½” Polymer tweeter mounted at the Apex of the woofers center, providing improved directivity compared to a full-range driver. This results in an improved multi-dimensional audio experience. 

Aramid Fiber Woofers

Light weight, durable and consistent performance are the reasons we chose aramid fiber as the woofer material in all Debut 2.0 speakers. Their ability to effortlessly recreate low frequencies enhances everything from dialog to explosions. 

Perfect Fit

Designed to be placed on top of our Debut 2.0 bookshelf and Floorstanding speakers these Dolby Atmos enabled add-on speakers will take your home theater to the next level. 

Premium Audio

Affordable Premium Audio

Debut is a premium speaker that remains affordable with custom-designed drivers and well-engineered cabinet, resulting in accurate and detail sound reproduction with exceptional sound quality and build construction.


Wide-Dispersion Waveguide

A NEW soft-dome tweeter features a wide-roll surround and takes response up to 35,000 Hz for even more lifelike high frequencies. The waveguide improves directivity control and eliminates the diffraction modes inherent in traditional box enclosures.

Newly Designed Cabinets

For Easier Placement

THICK MDF cabinets with a luxurious black ash vinyl finish are larger, and internally braced for greater stiffness and strength, greatly reducing cabinet vibrations which cause unwanted coloration. On the Bookshelf and Center Channel, moving the bass port to the front of the cabinet means placement against walls or in bookshelves won’t compromise performance.

New Woven Aramid-Fiber Woofer

Redesigned Speaker Cone

The REVISED shape of the aramid cone offers even greater stiffness and damping, far superior to polypropylene or paper. The added strength allows more flexibility in design to achieve a smoother, extended low-frequency response.

SPEAKER TYPESealed, 2-way concentric
SENSITIVITY85 dB at 2.83 v/1m
TWEETER.5-inch polymer dome
WOOFER4-inch woven aramid-fiber cone with oversized magnet
BINDING POSTS5-way metal
WIDTH7.09 in / 180 mm
HEIGHT4.92 in / 125 mm
DEPTH. 9.21 in / 234 mm
WEIGHT• 5.416 Ib / 2.4 kg
Sales Sheet Version: 1.0.0 (English) Download
Owners Manual Version: 1.0.0 (English) Download

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