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In 1926, ELAC was founded to develop sonar technology and research signal and sound channels.

Since then, we have entered and led the burgeoning audio industry forward step by step through our dedication to innovation. From our 4Pi omnidirectional tweeter to our Debut line of speakers, we have made our mark on high end audio.

Today, with our rich history in audio, speaker design, power, digital circuitry and with over 80 newly developed products, we introduce the future of custom audio.

From in-wall subwoofers that tune themselves to multi-channel amplifiers that communicate with other systems - we can't wait to show you how we're bringing the future of custom audio to your doorstep.

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Your Own Growing Base of Rabid Fans

140.9% YTD increase in visits to

Innovation Is In Our

Heavy investments in tech, electronics, and acoustics

Home Automation - Made Simple

Connected tech with API from Crestron, Control4, and RTI

80+ Products Launched

In the last 5 years alone

Prepare For A Connected Future

With Our Full Suite of Custom Audio Products

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Multi-Channel Amplifiers

Integrator Series

Our amplifiers offer seamless integration with 3rd party controllers, a custom WebGUI for easy setup and deployment, and full matrix capabilities - any input to any output.

Whether you're looking for stereo or Dolby Digital Decoding; In-wall amps or rack mounted amps; 2 input channels or 16 input channels.

We've got a solution for you.

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In-Wall / Ceiling

Vertex Series

We understand the importance of having audio to enhance a living space, with minimal aesthetic intrusion.

With a slim profile, the easily installed Vertex in-wall / ceiling speakers expand the line of our Integrator Series of custom products.

Keeping our philosophy of delivering high-end sound, the Vertex series of speakers will compliment any conventional floorstanding or bookshelf loudspeaker.

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Muro Series

When space is at a premium and performance is top of mind, look no further than our Muro Series.

The compact proportions of the Muro Series make on-wall installation a breeze.

Bring huge dimensionality to your clients' system with a speaker that makes itself heard but barely seen.

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Custom Install Accessories

Easy to customize, easy to install.

Change the aesthetics of our in-ceiling speakers with our in-ceiling square adapters, or simplify the installation process with our in-ceiling pre-construction bracket.

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Muro | Integrator

Let our subwoofers do your work with Automatic Room EQ and Cabinet Volume Correction capabilities.

Our patented CVC technology analyzes and determines the internal volume of the wall it is installed in and adjusts the tuning of the DSP for optimum performance.

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Our passive 3-Channel soundbars deliver a crisp, immersive audio experience without the footprint of a traditional home theater system.

We Are Taking Off

And we've got a seat with your name on it

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140.90% Increase

Year to date page views increased 140.90%*, from 42,000 to over 100,000

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80+ New Products
in just 5 years

Speakers. Subwoofers. Amplifiers. Music servers. DACs. Turn tables. Bluetooth speakers.

You want it? We've got it.

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114.53% Increase

Year to date page views increased 114.53%*, from 2,600,000 to 5,600,000

We Are Innovating

We bring the future of custom audio to the present through investments in 4 core areas

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Acoustic Design

We have the scope and depth to manufacture performance drivers in all sizes and categories with the likes of our legendary Jet 5 tweeter, our crystal membrane woofer and our concentric driver

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Electronics Design

We create and utilize market leading technologies to design innovative ground up designs. A rich history in power analogue, power amplifiers, RF and digital circuitry. We excel at mixed signal design.

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With over 90 years of vertically integrated manufacturing, we deliver quality at an affordable price.

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Firmware Software

Through investments in software, we have developed an extensive library of algorithms for audio and control system applications. Real-time algorithms are created to blend controls, functions and protection.

We Are Connected

Our smart ecosystem of speakers, technology, and electronics talk to each other to deliver the next generation of audio products

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Control every zone with our multi-channel amplifiers

Our full matrix capabilities help you set up multi-zone audio by letting you assign any input to any output

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AI enabled subwoofers makes your job easier

Enjoy Automatic Room EQ and CVC (Cabinet Volume Correction) - a patented technology that determines the internal volume of a wall and tunes the DSP accordingly

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Seamless integration with 3rd party controllers

Control the lights, curtains, AV system, and more thanks to native API integrations with Crestron, Control4, and RTI home automation systems.

We Are Leaders

We led the Hi-Fi industry into affordable high end audio - a market we created with our Debut line. Custom audio, we're eyeing you next.

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Debut Line


"...because they had so much success with this speaker, a whole lot of speaker companies decided it doesn't have to be just ELAC making quality speakers for not that much money..."

- TWiT Tech Podcast Network

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Vela Line


"Now I fully understand why ELAC speakers are regularly included in numerous lists of "Best Speakers" published by leading hi-fi websites"


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Integrator Line

Multi-Channel Amplifier

Our proprietary AI-enabled subwoofers tune themselves. Our multi-channel amplifiers integrate natively with home automation systems. Our award-winning speakers consistently rank on Top 10 lists.

We are not players in high end audio. We are disruptors.

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