ELAC 10″ Slim Subwoofer with AutoEQ – SUB2020

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SUB2020 Subwoofer
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The ELAC Muro Series Slim Subwoofers 

The very thin design of this subwoofer allows it to be unobtrusive when standing up against a wall, or hidden underneath a couch etc. This makes the subwoofer versatile in its location placement to be as discrete as possible.

Product Specifications



Powerful BASH Amplifiers

BASH (Bridged Amplifier Switching Hybrid) amplifiers represent a “best of both worlds” solution for subwoofer amplification, combining the sound quality of Class AB with the efficiency of Class D amplifiers.

Advanced Bluetooth Control

Doing away with traditional analog controls, the SUB2010 subwoofer incorporate ELAC’s advanced digital control system. Simply download the ELAC SUB Control 2.0 app for your smartphone and you will have complete control. No more fumbling around the back of the subwoofer again.

AirX2 Wireless Ready

Built-in AirX2 Wireless Receiver. Simply add the optional AirX2 Transmitter to allow for even more flexible placement.


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