ELAC SUB1010 10″ Powered Subwoofer

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SUB1010 Subwoofer
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5 reviews for ELAC SUB1010 10″ Powered Subwoofer

  1. Jawnathan

    Awesome subwoofer! I bought it off of amazon for $130. Weird that there are no reviews here. This sub has no issues apart from a small amount of port noise. You won’t even hear it unless your sub is turned up SUBstantially higher than everything else. Anyway, I am someone who likes SVS type bass where you have a flat curve that just goes low and lower. At this price point (New, not used), this subwoofer has the best db curve down to 20hz according to “Erin’s Audio Corner” on youtube. (youtube.com/watch?v=2728kgJxCJo). I am willing to bet that you will reach lower by blocking the port. I blocked the port with a sock.

  2. edwin vargas rodriguez

    this subwoofer form elac 1010 is very good with deep bass i would recomend it is that good with more expensive out ther this one is awesome in sound.is a five star

  3. Jeff Sanders

    Needed a small sub to pair up with some powered small speakers. At this price point how can you go wrong? Plus, it may just be the best low thumper out there. See “Erin’s Audio Corner” on youtube. He can explain it, I cannot. Would I buy again, YES. This little kicker is perfect for a small system!

  4. enem156

    I found this subwoofer when I was looking for a sub for my pc system. I have a gaming desktop that I use a pair of B&W bookshelves with. The Sub1010 is the perfect complement to these speakers and sounds great with any game I play. I loved the sound so much I bought another one for my office stereo system. I use this one with my Onkyo 900 series receiver and Martin Login bookshelf speakers. Phenomenal sound! So I actually have two of these guys in my office on two different systems. Would not hesitate to buy Elac again judging from the performance of their subwoofers. Clear, tight bass response and sound pressure levels that are out the roof. Thanks Elac, you have a new fan in me!

  5. Adrian

    Plz restock this item!

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ELAC SUB1010 10″ Powered Subwoofer

The 10″ Powered Subwoofer ELAC’s new SUB1010 is designed as the perfect complement to your home theater system loudspeakers, adding a powerful bass foundation to music and soundtracks that turns your system into a sensation you can feel as well as hear. Like all of our products, the SUB1010 has been engineered and built to deliver huge performance at an affordable price. The compact design allows placement in almost any part of your room.

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