Solano BS283 Bookshelf Speaker

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BS283 Bookshelf Speaker
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  1. Ryan Milz

    I previously had the Uni-Fi 2.0; my 1st impression was that all the reviews I saw online were exaggerated. Then one day the the speakers seemed to opened up and showed there greatness. That day I became a true believer of “break in”. When my wife makes a comment how good these speakers sound (Uni-fi 2.0) then I know they are good.

    After my positive experience with the Uni-fi 2.0, I’ve always been interested in the Solano speakers. I saved some money and took a chance based on my previous experience with Elac and online reviews and bought the Solano stand mount (bookshelf) speakers. After a short “break-in”, I was not disappointed. The clarity of the tweeter and articulation of the base was beyond the performance I ever thought I’d be able to afford. These speakers are incredible! If you give them good amplification you will be rewarded. Once I paired it with an 8 inch sealed subwoofer, holy cow, my hi-fi journey came to fruition.

    If have have to give a negative: when you hear music that is well recorded you are in for a treat. Older or slightly below top notch recorded music sounds good but you’ll know how great it could sound if the recording was better.

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Solano BS283 Bookshelf Speaker – Compact, attractive, and exceptional.

These qualities always inspire loudspeaker development at our German manufacturing site in Kiel. The Solano BS 283 bookshelf reimagines these attributes while remaining faithful to the design principle, forms, and materials for a harmonious result.

Made for your home.

A simple rectangular shape made with solid MDF and paired with a slightly curved, large front baffle leads to a compact but impressive look that fits into any decor.

Designed as a perfect match.

Cast aluminum baskets deliver an attractive look and feel. This rigid but light material ensures mechanical stability and sets the basis for highly accurate sound reproduction.

Milled, sanded, lacquered, or anodized – The SOLANO series combines design and craftsmanship for a striking result.

Created for the best sound.

The JET5 tweeter is handcrafted in Kiel / Germany. It is well-known around the world, for its state-of-the-art production and highly accurate reproduction of the high-frequency range.

Thanks to its construction principle and the materials used, the JET5 is capable of transmitting audio signals with frequencies up to supersonic 50,000 Hz.

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