ELAC Discovery Music Server – DS-S101

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DS-S101 Music Server
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3 reviews for ELAC Discovery Music Server – DS-S101

  1. Jan Hendrik Maanhof

    The Elac Discovery Music server replaced the Blue Node2. The different sound quality is amazing. This Elac Discovery bridge better definition, scale, sfere to me: Sounds, sparkles, hmm is that the music or.. I’m very happy that I bought this Elac Discovery and with Roon. Unbeatable positive. With my IPad. Beautiful.

  2. HDB

    OK here’s the deal with this unit – – The problem is that ELAC has basically abandoned this product after the last software update which was handled poorly. They discovered that since THEY were responsible for customer support for ROON Essentials they couldn’t handle it for the small user base that bought into the product. Full ROON users have the full ROON team working on ROON but they don’t support ROON Essentials. It is glitchy and will require a reboot of the device every once in awhile just to be discoverable to your ROON Essentials remote. The app is the only way to control the device and once that goes it is will be inaccessible UNLESS you get full ROON and turn it into a ROON endpoint. But I haven’t tested this so who knows if it will be discoverable. The newest version of Android no longer offers the app so you must run an older version of Android to even get the remote to operate this unit– which in my mind is inexcusable since they advertise that the ROON Essentials license is for the lifetime of the DEVICE– SO the access is assumed here since there is no other way to operate the thing outside of an app unless you go full ROON which defeats the whole point of a lifetime license. ROON makes no money on this so they are happy to let it die and blame ELAC. THAT SAID I love the unit when it works and ROON is a wonderful interface but I won’t be paying for it when native streaming apps work fine for access. SUCH a shame but I bought a WIIM mini streamer and it works flawlessly into my third party dac — the GUI is clear and has every service you could want WITH an EQ. Unbeatable at $80. So the price cut on the ELAC is still not enough for me to buy it now that I know ELAC isn’t following up on updating the remote app properly in a timely way.. It will just be a matter of time before the unit becomes a brick unless the endpoint aspect works later on.

  3. Barillo István

    No proper support from roon and elac. you have to restart many times because roon loses connection. New Androids do not support the application. The attitude of the manufacturer is a shame.

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