Great seeing you at Audio Advice Live 2023!

Created by Matt Belo

We wanted to thank all those who visited us at Audio Advice Live 2023 in Raleigh, North Carolina, this month. Running from August 4th to 6th, it was great to see familiar faces and talk with Audio fans again.

Audio Advice Live offers a dynamic and inviting ambiance where you can engage in a variety of interactive experiences, including live entertainment and informative seminars led by industry experts.

We love how attendees are encouraged to ask questions as ELAC is dedicated to sharing our knowledge in the realms of HiFi audio. There are always exciting new discoveries to be found that will enhance your audio journey.

The event included a guided tour of the historic Lincoln Theatre, where attendees could learn about the history of the theatre, its architecture, and the many famous performers who have graced its stage. You can also explore the many artifacts and memorabilia from the theatre’s past, including costumes, props, and photographs.

We would also like to thank Sound & Vision’s Mark Henniger for their detailed writeup and review of the ELAC booth at Audio Advice Live 2023:

“This room had me thinking “what a fantastic time it is to be an audio enthusiast.” We have this capacity to create true full-range audio with bass that’s tuned to the room, delivering an audiophile listing experience with gear that looks great and fits comfortably in a living room environment.” — Mark Henniger, Sound & Vision

For main speakers, we were showing off the Solano Floorstanding FS287 Speakers. We also were running a Varro DS1000 Subwoofer, Alchemy DDP-2 preamp, Alchemy DPA-2 amplifiers, Discovery DS-S101 Roon server, and the Protek PR-81B power conditioner.

“There is an uncanny similarity in the sound with the sub in the mix and without. While the towers produce deep bass sounds, the real marvel in this all-ELAC system is the seamless integration of the subwoofer. It only stands out when handling sounds the speaker can’t reproduce, which is rare with most music.

…a subwoofer won’t sound like one when perfectly integrated. This impeccable integration is evident in the ELAC system. This isn’t by mere chance but a result of ELAC’s precise calibration methodology, using its dedicated app.”— Mark Henniger, Sound & Vision

The three-day event is a great place to immerse yourself in all things HiFi Audio and rub elbows with other like-minded individuals and discuss high-end audio technology.

Thank you everyone for an awesome Audio Advice Live 2023. We can’t wait to see you all at the next one!

All photos courtesy of Sound & Vision.