AXPONA 2023 – Thank You For Visiting Us!

Created by Matt Belo

We are excited to once again we find ourselves in Schaumberg, Illinois, attending another awesome AXPONA exhibition. Running from April 14 to April 16, the 2023 AXPONA was a great event for everyone and it was fantastic to see familiar faces once again.

ELAC Varro DS1200 Subwoofer
ELAC Varro DS1200 Subwoofer – Photo courtesy of

AXPONA 2023 has been officially recognized as the biggest HiFi show in North America, with more than 200 listening rooms showcasing cutting-edge audio equipment. In addition, there are a variety of seminars, concerts, and vendors to discover—there’s certainly plenty to explore over the course of three days.

ELAC VELA FS407 Tower Speaker
ELAC VELA FS407 Tower Speaker – Photo courtesy of

The Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center was abuzz with music lovers and audiophiles alike—all excited to hear some new gear, try new brands, and explore new technologies in Home Audio. AXPONA is an excellent opportunity to see people face-to-face again and listen to some tunes together in the same room.

ELAC Stack and Varro DS1200 Subwoofer
ELAC Stack and Varro DS1200 Subwoofer – Photo courtesy of

In the ELAC room all gear was provided by us, including the power conditioner. For main speakers, we were showing off the VELA FS407’s ($2,899.98 ea.). We also were running two of our brand new Varro DS1200-GB subwoofer ($2,999.98/ea.), Alchemy DDP-2 preamp ($2,899.98), Alchemy DPA-2 amplifiers ($1,749.98 ea.), Discovery DS-S101 Roon server ($999.98), and the Protek PR-81B power conditioner ($449.98).

The ELAC Room at AXPONA 2023
The ELAC Room at AXPONA 2023 – Photo courtesy of

According to “This was an extremely fine-sounding room on this day. We started the demo with the subs off and the sound was definitely full-range. The female vocals were highly transparent. Then we engaged the subs and they played Pete Belasco’s “Deeper” and woah, Nellie, this system slammed! I loved it.”

The three-day event is a great place to immerse yourself in all things HiFi Audio. The Expo Hall featured The Record Fair—one of the most popular spots—featuring thousands of records. There’s also the Ear Gear Experience, and a multitude of audio-centric seminars. It’s an excellent opportunity for enthusiasts to rub elbows with other like-minded individuals and discuss high-end audio technology.

Overall, Axpona 2023 was a great time and huge success. We can’t wait to see you all at the next one!

All photos courtesy of Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity.