Axpona 2022 – It was great to see you again!

Axpona 2022 Elac Room
Created by Matt Belo

It was great to see you all at Axpona 2022! The Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center (just outside Chicago, IL) was abuzz with music lovers and audiophiles—all of who were thrilled to be back at the largest Audio Expo in North America. With in-person Audio Shows being few and far between over the past few years, Axpona was an excellent opportunity to see people face-to-face again and listen to some tunes together in the same room. We were thrilled to see some familiar faces and some new ones.

Axpona 2022 - Concentro S507, Alchemy Amp, Discovery Server
Concentro S507, Alchemy Amp, Alchemy Preamp/DAC, Discovery Server – Image courtesy of Michael Lavorgna – Twittering Machines. Check out his site!

Axpona is now one of the largest high-audio events in North America.  In the ELAC Axpona room, we enjoyed listening to some jams on the Concentro S 507 Tower Speakers, powered by Alchemy DPA-2 Power Amplifiers, the DDP-2 Preamplifier/DAC, and the Discovery DS-S101 Music Server. Plenty of gear to test out (and take home)!

Axpona 2022 - Listening to Tunes in the ELAC Room
Axpona 2022 – Listening to Tunes in the ELAC Room

We had a blast talking about HiFi with audio fans and music lovers. As always, we appreciate the positive comments (thank you, CheapAudioMan)!

“Probably the best sounding room for me personally was the ELAC room…” —cheapaudioman

The three-day event is a great place to immerse yourself in all things HiFi Audio. The Expo Hall featured The Record Fair—one of the most popular spots—featuring thousands of records. It’s an excellent opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts alike to get their hands on some hard-to-find gems from artists they love. Or you could Meet the Legends of High-End Audio, a seminar that included some of the big names in audio. It was a great chance to rub elbows with other like-minded individuals and discuss high-end audio technology.

Overall, Axpona 2022 was a big success. We had a great time seeing all of you once again, and we look forward to the next one!