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FS 609 CE:
Improve the best

The best was not good enough for the ELAC developers. The new crystal membrane woofer technology by the loudspeaker specialists from Kiel in the north of Germany created a sensation worldwide. So it is clear that the top models are now equipped with the award-winning crystal membrane technology, as well as 4Pi tweeters, X-JET II coaxial drivers and other technological goodies.


4Pi Technology

Immerse yourself in music - the 4Pi ribbon tweeter produces 360° surround sound, making this speaker's audio performance particularly impressive.

360 degree omnidirectional ribbon tweeter yields a resonance-free upper cut-off frequency of 53 kHz and makes this tweeter an ideal component for the reproduction of SACD and DVD-A. Its impressive and silky sound quality gives rise to airy sound that comes off easily.
The principle:
An 0.006 mm aluminum ribbon forms the membrane, which due to its low weight shows an extroardinarily high sensitivity. When a current passes this membrane it expands and contracts like a breathing cylinder. Driven by a strong neodymium magnet system, the flexible ribbon yields maximum levels up to 53,000 Hz.


The eye-catching shape of the crystal membrane is far more than just an attractive design: it reinforces the tried-and-proven aluminium sandwich technique, improving its acoustic behaviour.

All woofers and midrange drivers of this series contain the "Crystal Membrane" (patent pending) and their design is based on the well-known "Aluminum-Sandwich AS Technology" which was developed by ELAC a couple of years ago. The crystal-shaped inverse aluminum dome is joined to the paper cone in a special glueing process resulting the desired sandwich construction.
The stamping of the aluminum foil looks like the surface of a large crystal, this is where the term "Crystal Membrane" come from. This stamping stiffens the aluminum dome considerably which diminishes the membrane-internal resonances resulting in less sound coloration and additionally improves the large signal behaviour noticeably.
The voice coil is not only - like usually - joined to the neck of the paper cone (see position "1" in the picture) but also to the bottom of the aluminum dome (position "2"). This design results in the expansion of the transmission range of the respective woofers or midrange drivers by nearly an octave. Therefore the abbreviation "XR" (eXtended Range) has been introduced.
Due to the specially wide double asymmetrical ('DAS') rubber surround, ELAC's TT 180 woofer can handle up to ±15 mm long stroke. This provides maximum level supply and mellow low bass. For a driver this size, such a large displacement represent a unique engineering achievement.


The High Definition Spikes are made of massive chromated brass for a solid stability.

Very solidly designed spikes (with M 10 thread) ensure the secure position and the necessary clearance to the floor.


Better damping, higher rigidity – cross-frame hybrid technology reduces unwanted resonance in speakers. This is made possible by the combination of materials used and the specific geometry of the struts within the speaker.

Vibrations of the cabinet influence the sound of a speaker. Resonances of the cabinet are avoided due to a combination of extruded aluminium design, aluminium casting and MDF with internal tension rods.


Get the right settings for your tweeters - adjusted to the acoustics of your room and, of course, your personal taste.

The control panel of the FS 609 CE provides two step switches.

The upper switch enables optimum adjustment of the directional pattern of the loudspeaker. It adapts the X-JET II and the 4Pi tweeter transmission ranges to individual room conditions and listening preferences.

The other switch is used for controlling the levels (0 and ±1 dB) of the midrange and upper midrange. This way, the FS 609 CE can be adapted to individual room conditions.


Two sound transducers on one axis and a single plane - the coaxial design of the ELAC X-JET makes it an ideal point source, producing smooth audio and detailed sound reproduction.

The X-JET II is a unique combination of a flat nomex honeycomb crystal membrane midrange ring radiator and a concentrically arranged JET III tweeter . By this the X-JET design realizes the vision of an acoustic point source!
This facilitates an optimized acoustic power response and results in a homogeneous and very wide sound dispersion angle (s.a. the graphics below) which provides for a new kind of relaxed but very precise reproduction.
The ultra lightweight honeycomb diaphragm provides a reduced stray magnetic field combined with a strong neodymium drive. The system is driven by a 78 mm moving coil. High efficiency is achieved using coppered aluminium flat wire, edgewise-wound, on a ventilated capton bobbin.
The X-JET system yields a upper cut-off frequency of 50 kHz. This makes the loudspeaker an ideal component for the reproduction of DVD-A and SACD.
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