The universal players

Whether it's connected to your computer, iPod or HiFi system, the "active" series wins over customers with its multifaceted nature and value for money.

Active Monitor AM 150:
Compact and yet so versatile

It is so versatile, the small AM 150 from ELAC. A glowing high tech core is hiding beneath the silky matte casing. The range of use seems to be endless for the Active Monitor AM 150, for it has all the features on board that you normally expect from more expensive active speakers.



Adjust the frequency to your personal audio tastes - our active speakers offer various filters for individual preference settings.

To adapt the Active Monitor AM 150 to different room situations and to personal listening preferences, several filter functions are provided.

The lower frequency range may be damped by a lowshelf filter, which is selectable in 3 modes (0 dB, -2 dB, and -4 dB). This filter can be used to optimise the bass frequency range to different placements of the speaker such as on a desktop, bookshelf or free standing.

The highshelf filter is also selectable in 3 modes and may be used to emphasise or to damp the treble level (0 dB, -2 dB, and +2 dB).

Another filter, which is also selectable in 3 modes, may be used to adapt the frequency range of the AM 150 to a subwoofer. This is a lowcut filter with 3 selectable crossover frequencies (flat, 80 Hz, and 100 Hz), which allows an optimised overlay without disturbing low frequency sound waves in the room.

Fabric Dome

Even at higher volumes, the fabric dome tweeter always provides a smooth audio experience.

Transparent sound is reproduced by this 25 mm tweeter consisting of a coated silk dome resulting in a smooth roll off at frequencies above 20,000 Hz without noticeable resonances. A special wave-guide together with the protection grille results its wide dispersion characteristics.
Its extraordinary power handling capacity is resulting from two design features: the compact high efficiency neodymium magnetic system with cooling fins and the aluminium voice coil cooled by ferro-fluid.
Additionally, the magnetic system is shielded.
Due to the new faceplate (back high gloss) only the tweeter grille and woofer diaphragm are visible, the kick of the new 60.2 Series.

Magn. Shielding

Watch television without having distorted color - thanks to magnetic shielding these ELAC speakers can be installed right next to CRT screens or devices with hard drives sensitive to magnets.

Thanks to the magnetic shielding, these speakers can also be set up in proximity to cathode ray tube TVs or devices with integrated hard disks or attached to them without creating interference.
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