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Line 500

The giants

Reference speakers for special audio moments: The 500 Series sets standards acoustically as well as visually. Speakers for true audiophiles.

Line 400

Discover a new world of sound

Only those with the courage to critically evaluate their achievements can continue to develop their abilities. Thanks to our philosophy of creative freedom, the new 400 line is packed with technical innovations that bring it yet another step closer to perfection.
The evidence can be seen … and heard!

Line 300

The miracles of sound

Be amazed by the volume these compact speakers can produce. The 300 Series boasts an extraordinary audio experience for its size.

Linie 260

Ready – for a musical adventure

Let yourself be carried away by the effortless sound of the three latest additions to the ELAC portfolio, and set off on an unforgettable musical

Linie 240.2

A classic is reborn

As the era of the Line 240 draws to a close, the new Line 240.2 marks the start of another. Inspired by a relentless desire to push the boundaries of technology, this new range delivers crystal clear sound. There‘s no need for nostalgia when the future sounds this exciting.

Line 190

READY ... JET ... GO!

The starting pistol has only just sounded but the first hurdle has already been cleared: The models in our new 190 line have left the critical eyes and ears of the development department behind them and are already on the road to success.

Line 70

Music is happy and joyful

Music is happy and joyful, sometimes melancholy, but comforting as well. Music is a powerful force that we can all tap into.

Debut Line

100% Andrew Jones, 100% ELAC:

The first production of this collaboration was eagerly awaited. The result is a statement that will change your perception of affordable loudspeakers … fundamentally.


Audiophile & Wireless

Totally free but always connected. Incredible detail that doesn‘t compromise the overall musical performance. High-end sound with a serious fun factor.
Break free – stay connected: ELAC AIR-X


The bassmen

Standing in the background, adding to the lower tonal spectrum, ELAC subwoofers cover the full range of audio performance according to individual requirements and room design.

2.1 Systems

The perfect trio

Two small high-quality speakers combined with a matching subwoofer to deliver balanced audio with a discreet appearance.

5.1 Systems

Don't just listen, immerse yourself in sound

With their subwoofer, centre speaker and four satellite speakers the ELAC 5.1 Systems release audio from your screen, filling the entire room.


Great cinemas need great audio

The ELAC cinema loudspeakers ensure that motion pictures are accompanied by perfect acoustics.


In-ceiling speakers



In-wall speakers



On-wall speakers


Stands and mounts

The problem solvers - where to put the speakers?

Finding the right spot for your speakers is often an issue. The ideal setup depends on your individual living situation. A wide range of assembly and set-up options are available for many ELAC speakers.

Loudspeaker tuning

The small helpers

Small details often make a major difference. With these accessories you can optimize the audio performance of your ELAC speakers.


Electronics Accessories

The tricky ones

These products provide the right solutions when a ground loop won’t stop humming or an optical digital input is missing.
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